$7,500 settlement in denied coverage case

My client was driving down the road when a driver turned left in front of her.  My client had her two kids in the back.  Luckily they were in child seats and were not hurt in the collision.  My client, however, suffered neck and back injuries due to the force of the collision.  She also suffered from migraines as a lingering after effect. 

The at-fault driver was driving a company van.  The business owner came to the scene and told the driver, her employee, to leave the scene before my client had an opportunity to gather herself and ask for his information. 

My client called me soon after the collision, and I found her local doctors that could provide her with excellent medical care with no upfront cost.  After several weeks of treatment, my client recovered well and her headaches subsided. 

The at-fault driver’s insurance company initially denied coverage for their insured.  They claimed that there was an excluded driver on the policy, and they believed the excluded driver was the one driving the van.  Their insured, the business owner, refused to cooperate with them, and they claimed they could not determine who was driving the van, even after my client provided them with a detailed description of the driver.

Left with no other recourse, due to the business owner’s failure to cooperate with their insurance company and the insurance company’s failure to protect its insured, I filed a lawsuit against the business owner on behalf of my client.  After serving the business owner with the lawsuit, the insurance company finally decided to accept coverage.

Soon after we filed, we were able to come to a resolution of the case.  My client was grateful that she was able to receive the medical treatment she was seeking, and she was grateful that she received fair and just compensation for her pain and suffering.