$6,400 settlement in side-swipe collision with uninsured motorist

My client was an elderly gentleman who was driving home early in the morning after grabbing a cup of coffee at his nearby coffee shop, which was part of his daily routine.  He was making a right turn, just a couple of blocks from home, when a car came out of nowhere and cut right in front of him trying to enter a driveway on my client’s right.  The car sideswiped my client’s car and jerked my client around in his seat. 

Unfortunately for my client, the at-fault driver was not insured.  He called my office because he did not know what to do about the pain in his neck and repairing his vehicle.  He is retired and does not have health insurance.  He did not have the money to pay to have his car repaired or to pay for a doctor to treat him for his injuries. 

I quickly conducted an investigation into my client’s own insurance coverage.  Luckily, my client did not waive his uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to save a few bucks.  This is an example of why it is worth it to keep your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, especially living in the inner city of Los Angeles, rather than waive the coverage to save a few bucks.  If he had waived the coverage, he would have had no way to recover for his damages.

Once we discovered my client had uninsured motorist coverage, we proceeded through his own insurance to have his vehicle repaired.  I also referred my client to a great chiropractor that was conveniently located for evaluation and treatment.  My client treated with the chiropractor for a few weeks and felt better.

Ultimately, we settled with my client’s insurance company for $6,400.  My client was happy with the result, considering he thought he was going be left holding the bag without any recovery when he first came to me.  He was glad to have someone explain the types of coverage he had and to use the coverage he pays for every month.