$3,900 and $3,290 settlements in low impact rear-ender

My clients were stopped at a red light on surface streets waiting to enter the 110 on Bixel Street in downtown Los Angeles.  They were rear-ended while they were waiting for the light to turn green.  My client’s vehicle had some relatively minor rear-end damage and they felt okay at the scene.  They exchanged information with the at-fault driver on the scene and went their separate ways.

The next day, my clients started feeling neck and back pain and stiffness.  They did not have medical insurance, and they did not have experience filing claims with insurance companies.  That is when they decided to call an attorney to help them with finding medical treatment and repairing their vehicle. 

They called my office, I signed them up, and I started helping them with their vehicle repairs right away.  We had their vehicle in a body shop right away.  I forced the insurance company to pay my client $120 for the time they were unable to use their car while it was in the shop.

I referred them to quality chiropractors that were conveniently located for evaluation and treatment.  They received treatment for a few weeks and responded well to treatment.  After a few weeks of treatment their neck and back pain and stiffness had gone away. 

I negotiated a settlement for their bodily injury claim soon after they were done with treatment.  They did not have to deal with calling the insurance company repeatedly, and they could just focus on treatment and going about their lives.  Ultimately, the clients were happy that they were able to turn the claim over to someone else that achieved results quickly.