Bike in crosswalk hit by driver turning right at stop sign

My client was riding his bicycle westbound on 8th Street in Koreatown.  He was riding to a local Salvadoran restaurant to buy pupusas for his family for dinner.  As he approached Berendo Street, he was struck by a vehicle traveling southbound on Berendo Street.  The vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign as he turned right.  The vehicle struck my client on his right side and knocked him off his bicycle.

My client was shaken up on the scene.  He felt pain in his right leg.  He was scared because he was a young man and had never been involved in a traffic collision before.  The police arrived on the scene and prepared a police report, which made my client even more nervous.  Eventually, he went home and rested after the collision.

After the collision, my client called me to ask what he could do about the collision.  I told him that we could have him go see a doctor to make sure that he was not seriously injured, we could try to get his bicycle repaired, and we could try to recover compensation for the scare he went through on the scene.  He agreed, and he decided to let me take his case. 

Very soon afterwards, my client had been checked out by a doctor and we were able to negotiate a settlement of his case.  It was a modest settlement.  However, we were still able to pay for his doctor, repair his bike, and put some money in his pocket for the pain in his right leg and the scare he went through.