$6,330 for driver of middle car in three-vehicle collision

My client was driving on Cesar Chavez Avenue when she came to a red light.  While she was at a complete stop, she was rear ended so hard that she was pushed into the car in front of her.  The collision jerked her forward and back quickly.  Immediately after the collision she felt pain in her neck and back. 

She got out of her car and talked to the driver that rear-ended her.  The at-fault driver offered to pay her on the scene to settle the claim.  My client was relatively young and refused because she was scared and did not know if that was a good idea.  They exchanged information and went about their own way.

The amount of money that the at-fault driver offered her on the scene would not even have been enough money to cover the heavy damage to my client’s vehicle.  It definitely would not have been enough for my client to go see the chiropractor.  This is a good reminder not to settle a claim at the scene of the collision.  It is always better to take the person’s insurance information and phone number.  You can always decide to settle outside of insurance later if you wish, but it may be difficult to get their insurance information after they have left the scene of the collision. 

I sent my client to a trusted body shop where she got her car fixed quickly, and the job was done right the first time.  She was very happy with the repairs and the process.  I also sent her to a great chiropractor that offered her flexible appointment hours to work around her busy schedule.  The doctor’s office was clean and professional, and they had parking.  The doctor gave her the attention she deserved and high quality treatment.  Most importantly, the chiropractor agreed to hold on to his bill until after we settled her claim. 

I got my client’s car fixed, set her up with chiropractor appointments, and gave her a fair amount of money in her pocket for her pain and suffering.  All she had to do was call me and come in to sign some paperwork.  I took care of the rest after that.  I took all the stress off her shoulders and got her results quickly.