$8,000 settlement w/ 10 chiropractic treatments

This is the companion case to a case that I wrote about earlier.  My client was a passenger.  She was pregnant at the time.  Her fiancé was driving down a road in Lancaster with a 45 mph speed limit.  They had no traffic controls, such as a stop sign or traffic light, in front of them.  Basically, they had the right-of-way. 

As they were driving down the road, a car that was stopped at a stop sign attempted to beat them across the street.  My client’s fiancé slammed on his brakes to try to avoid the collision, but it was too late.  They t-boned the at-fault driver’s car as he attempted to beat them across the street. 

My client and her fiancé were lucky to have walked away from the collision, considering the huge impact.  However, my client suffered a huge scare that she had hurt her unborn child that she was carrying.  She was rushed to the emergency room by ambulance and checked out at the local hospital.  Luckily, she and her child were both okay.

My client suffered neck and back injuries, but, most severely, she suffered a huge scare that she had hurt her unborn child.  She sought the attention of a chiropractor and underwent 10 chiropractic treatments.  Luckily, she recovered well from her injuries and her child was unharmed. 

She had initially hired an attorney to help her file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company.  After nearly two years, the attorney had yet to settle the claim and deliver a settlement check to her.  Worst of all, the deadline to file a lawsuit was fast approaching, and filing a lawsuit in this case would have severely reduced the money she would receive in her pocket. 

She became unhappy with her attorney, and decided to look for another attorney.  That is when she called me to help her with her claim.  I decided to take on the representation, and, within a month of hiring me, I had settled her case and presented her with her portion of the settlement. 

I helped my client negotiate her lien with her prior attorney and negotiate her medical bills with her medical treatment providers.  She was happy that the claim was finally resolved.  She was also happy that I was able to maximize her recovery by obtaining a relatively high settlement considering the small number of chiropractic treatments she received.