$7,000 settlement in rear-ender on the 110

My client was driving northbound on the 110.  Traffic slowed to a complete stop in the fast lane, and my client came to a complete stop with traffic.  After coming to a complete stop for a few moments, the at-fault driver slammed into the back of my client’s SUV.  My client’s SUV was a total loss.

The at-fault driver admitted to being distracted by her phone.  She was on her way to an event in downtown Los Angeles and was looking for a faster route on her GPS because she was running late. 

My client felt pain in his neck, shoulders, and back almost immediately after the collision.  He thought that he would feel better after a couple of days of rest.  However, the pain persisted, and he decided to call an attorney because he did not have medical insurance, wanted treatment, but did not know how to pay for it.

He asked around for recommendations, and a former client of mine told him to call me.  After sitting down with him and explaining the claims process to him, he decided to hire me to handle his claim. 

After signing up with me, I recommended several chiropractors that would treat him on lien basis.  He picked one and received the quality chiropractic treatment that he deserved.  After about three months of treatment, he had recovered well from his injuries. 

In the meantime, I had helped him obtain full market value for his car from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.  I also helped him obtain recovery for the loss of use of his vehicle for the time he was without a vehicle. 

Ultimately, I helped him settle his bodily injury claim for $7,000 dollars.  After settling his claim, I negotiated his medical liens down to increase the money in his pocket.  My client was very happy with the settlement he received for the total loss of his vehicle, the loss of use of his vehicle, and for his bodily injury claim.