$6,500 settlement in collision with uninsured driver

My client was at a complete stop at a green light waiting for the driver in front of her to complete his right turn.  That’s when she was rear-ended by Toyota 4Runner at approximately 30 mph.  After the collision, my client complained of headaches, neck pain, and lower-back pain. 

A former client of mine recommended that she call me for advice.  After I sat down and met with her, she hired me to help her coordinate her medical treatment, coordinate her car repairs, and to deal with the insurance companies.  My client was then able to focus on her treatment and getting better, as well as focusing on her work rather than her insurance claim.

It turned out that the driver that rear-ended my client was uninsured, even though he presented proof of insurance to the police.  I contacted my client’s insurance company to request a copy of her insurance policy and check whether she had uninsured motorist coverage.  Fortunately, my client did have uninsured motorist coverage on her policy.  I opened an uninsured first-party claim with her insurance company as if her insurance company was standing in the shoes of the negligent driver.

My client recovered well from her injuries after receiving quality chiropractic treatment.  After she finished treating, I negotiated a settlement for her personal injury claim with her insurance company.  My client was grateful that she was able to receive the quality medical treatment she needed and that she was able to focus on her treatment and her work rather than her insurance claim.