$5,850 settlement in side-swipe collision

My client was driving down the road when a driver next to him changed lanes and side-swiped my client.  My client sustained left shoulder and neck injuries in the collision.  The entire rear-driver-side of my client’s luxury vehicle was damaged.

Initially, my client attempted to handle the claim on his own without hiring an attorney.  However, the insurance company refused to pay for his chiropractic treatment up-front and refused to give him a comparable rental vehicle.  That’s when he decided to call me.

After he called me, I sent him to a chiropractor to treat on lien basis, meaning that he would not have to pay for the treatment up-front.  I also helped coordinate having his car fixed promptly, at a reputable body shop, so that he did not need to rent a vehicle. 

My client recovered well from his injuries after receiving quality chiropractic treatment.  After he finished treating, I negotiated a settlement for his personal injury claim.  My client was grateful that he was able to receive the medical treatment he needed without having to pay up front, and he was also grateful that he received fair and just compensation for his pain and suffering.