Possession of meth charge dismissed pursuant to plea bargain

My client was dropping off his girlfriend late at night, when he made a right turn onto a main street.  My client was using his phone while driving to make sure his girlfriend had made it into her house safely.  Police officers patrolling the main street stopped my client for the traffic violation, using his cell phone while driving. 

My client was driving on a suspended license and had meth in his possession when he was stopped.   Officers pulled him out of the vehicle when they realized he was driving on a suspended license.  The officers patted him down and found a baggie of meth in his pocket.  My client was arrested and spent the night in jail.

My client called me after he was released.  Because this was a misdemeanor filing, I was able to attend all the court hearings in his stead.  This saved my client lots of time missed from work, which was of tremendous value to him because he had just started a new job and could not afford to loose it or have to explain that he had to miss work to tend to criminal charges. 

I pled my client not guilt and set the matter for trial.  After discussing the matter with the City Attorney assigned to the case, we were able to negotiate a resolution to the case that benefitted my client.

My client pled no contest to driving on a suspended license.  The count 2, possession of meth, was dismissed pursuant to our plea bargain.  My client received no jail time, 3 years of summary probation, the minimum fine of $300 with credit for the time he spent in jail when he was arrested, and 20 narcotics anonymous classes. 

With my help, my client was able to save time missed from work, which kept more money in his pocket.  He was also able to obtain the minimum fine, which saved him a lot of money in fees and penalty assessments.  Having the possession of meth count dismissed allowed him to save a lot of money that he would have had to pay to drug programs.  And, the narcotics anonymous classes are free, although donations are encouraged. 

Ultimately, my client was satisfied with the result and he was grateful that he was able to save lots of time and money by hiring me to represent him.  Most importantly, he did not have to deal with the stress of spending all day in court, and I gave him the focused attention his case deserved on his schedule.