2 x $10,500 settlements in left turn accident

My clients, a husband and wife, were driving down the street when a car, coming from the opposite direction, turned left in front of them.  The at-fault driver tried to beat my clients through the intersection.  The at-fault driver was driving a 4,000 lbs. SUV, and my clients were in a Honda Accord.  The entire front end of my clients’ vehicle was completely destroyed.  Luckily, my clients were able to walk away from the accident.

The wife had bruising on her arm and neck from the seatbelt and from bracing herself for the accident.  Both clients suffered neck and back injuries as a result of the accident.  They went to the emergency room the next day after the accident, and they were advised to go home and rest and consult with their primary care doctors.  Unfortunately, my clients did not have medical insurance to consult a primary doctor and rest did not help alleviate them of their pain.  

That’s when they decided to call me.  I referred them to an excellent orthopedist and chiropractor that treated the clients on lien basis, meaning they did not have to pay out-of-pocket for their treatment.  Because I have a relationship with the orthopedist and chiropractor, each agreed to hold on to the bill until we reached a settlement with the insurance company. 

My client chose a body shop that he trusted to take his cars in for repairs.  Unfortunately, his vehicle was declared a total loss due to the severity of the impact.  I had the insurance company pay the fair market value of the car directly to my client so that he could replace his vehicle.

After several weeks of chiropractic treatment, the wife had recovered from her neck and back pain, but was still dealing with severe shoulder pain.  She has two small children and the pain was making it very difficult to care for them.  The wife had to have epidural shots in her shoulder to help relieve her of her shoulder pain.  After a couple of epidural shots to her shoulder, she felt much better.

My clients finished their treatment and recovered well.  After my clients were all done recovering from their injuries, I negotiated with the insurance company for a fair and just settlement for my clients.  Ultimately, we settled on $10,500 settlements for each client with the insurance company, and my clients were very happy with the result.