$11,800 settlement in high-speed freeway rear-ender case

My client was driving on the 91 Freeway in his truck during early morning traffic.  Traffic came to a complete stop, and he was rear-ended by a Toyota Highlander SUV at approximately 30 mph.  The at-fault driver never stepped on her break because she was admittedly distracted.  She also admitted to stepping on her gas instead of the break because she panicked. 

My client tensed up immediately before the impact because he saw the at-fault driver’s SUV barreling down on top of him in the rear-view mirror.  The impact was so hard that my client’s Ford F-150 was a total loss.  My client suffered painful neck, shoulder, hand, wrist, low back, hip, and left foot injuries as a result of the collision and having tensed up before the impact.

Immediately after the collision, my client found a chiropractor to treat him for his injuries.  After several weeks of chiropractic treatment, my client made a full recovery.  He was extremely lucky that he was in a strong vehicle or his injuries would have been more severe due to the size and speed of the vehicle that rear-ended him.

Soon after starting his treatment, my client sought me out to help him deal with the insurance companies.  He was in the middle of moving from Arizona to Los Angeles while working full time and pursuing chiropractic treatment 3 times per week.  He was fed up. 

After my client hired me, I took over taking care of everything, and he simply focused on his recovery.  I organized getting the full value of his car and obtaining recovery for his loss of use of his truck.  Then, I negotiated a fair settlement for his personal injury with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. 

Most importantly, I helped him negotiate his chiropractic bill down.  The chiropractor he found ended up sending him a huge bill, and I was able to negotiate the bill down to allow my client to keep a larger portion of the settlement.   Ultimately, my client was very happy that I tok care of everything and increased his recovery.