$50,000 policy limits settlement in freeway rear-end case

$50,000 policy limits settlement in freeway rear-end case

Luckily for my client, he had underinsured motorist coverage on his own insurance policy in the amount of $50,000…

I know that drivers want to save the most they can on insurance premiums, so it is easy to waive your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage on your policy to save some money.  However, there are many drivers in Los Angeles with minimum liability policies or no insurance coverage at all.  I highly suggest that you keep your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage on your policies for situations just like these.

$238,000 settlement in freeway rear-end case

My clients were a family of five inside of an SUV.  They were driving on the 405 to drop off their kids at school in the morning. They came to a complete stop in the exit lane and that’s when they felt a heavy impact from the rear.  Two vehicles pulled over after the crash, a white sedan that was directly behind them and a box truck that was behind the white sedan. 

The dad that was driving and one of the kids suffered the most serious injuries.  Both of them suffered lower back injuries from the crash. After injections in the lower back did not help, doctors recommended surgery to alleviate the pain.  Mom and the other two kids also suffered neck and lower back injuries, but they were able to recover well after treatment.

The insurance companies for the white sedan and the box truck did what they always do in this situation.  The insurance companies blamed the entire incident on the other driver, instead of admitting any responsibility at all.  That left my clients without a responsible party.

For three years, my clients were left wondering whether they would be stuck with all of the medical bills. For three years, they were forced to fight two insurance companies.  Eventually, I invited trial lawyer, Minh Nguyen, of Nguyen Lawyers, to help with taking the case to trial.  Once the insurance companies realized that we were ready for trial, we were able to settle the case.  Together we were able to obtain a great result for our clients.

$6,400 settlement in side-swipe collision with uninsured motorist

My client was an elderly gentleman who was driving home early in the morning after grabbing a cup of coffee at his nearby coffee shop, which was part of his daily routine.  He was making a right turn, just a couple of blocks from home, when a car came out of nowhere and cut right in front of him trying to enter a driveway on my client’s right.  The car sideswiped my client’s car and jerked my client around in his seat. 

Unfortunately for my client, the at-fault driver was not insured.  He called my office because he did not know what to do about the pain in his neck and repairing his vehicle.  He is retired and does not have health insurance.  He did not have the money to pay to have his car repaired or to pay for a doctor to treat him for his injuries. 

I quickly conducted an investigation into my client’s own insurance coverage.  Luckily, my client did not waive his uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to save a few bucks.  This is an example of why it is worth it to keep your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, especially living in the inner city of Los Angeles, rather than waive the coverage to save a few bucks.  If he had waived the coverage, he would have had no way to recover for his damages.

Once we discovered my client had uninsured motorist coverage, we proceeded through his own insurance to have his vehicle repaired.  I also referred my client to a great chiropractor that was conveniently located for evaluation and treatment.  My client treated with the chiropractor for a few weeks and felt better.

Ultimately, we settled with my client’s insurance company for $6,400.  My client was happy with the result, considering he thought he was going be left holding the bag without any recovery when he first came to me.  He was glad to have someone explain the types of coverage he had and to use the coverage he pays for every month.

$20,000 settlement in City work van rear-ender

My client was stopped at a red light on Wilmington Ave. and 118th Street.  There were a few cars stopped ahead of him.  He looked in his rear-view mirror and saw a large white van barreling down on him.  There was nowhere for him to go, so he braced himself for the impact.  The van slammed into the back of my client’s truck. 

The impact was so heavy that it pushed my client’s truck into the car in front of him.  That car fled the scene immediately.  My client’s Chevy Silverado truck was a total loss.  The van was so damaged that it could not start on the scene and had to be towed away.

My client felt pain in his neck, shoulders, and back almost immediately after the crash.  He did not have experience dealing with this type of serious crash, so he decided to call an attorney.  That is when he contacted my office.

Immediately after contacting my office, I worked on having his own insurance company pay out the total loss of the truck because The City was still investigating the crash.  Otherwise, he would have had to wait until The City finished its investigation to have his car paid out. 

I referred him to an excellent chiropractor conveniently located near his home for evaluation and treatment.  My client required several weeks of treatment before he started feeling better.  After thirty visits to the chiropractor, my client was better but he still was not 100%.

That is when we negotiated a settlement with the city for $20,000.  My client had enough money to continue treatment, and he was reasonably compensated for the months of pain and discomfort he had to experience after the crash.  It is often very difficult to make bodily injury claims against government entities, and my client was relieved that he had me in his corner to take on The City.

$3,900 and $3,290 settlements in low impact rear-ender

My clients were stopped at a red light on surface streets waiting to enter the 110 on Bixel Street in downtown Los Angeles.  They were rear-ended while they were waiting for the light to turn green.  My client’s vehicle had some relatively minor rear-end damage and they felt okay at the scene.  They exchanged information with the at-fault driver on the scene and went their separate ways.

The next day, my clients started feeling neck and back pain and stiffness.  They did not have medical insurance, and they did not have experience filing claims with insurance companies.  That is when they decided to call an attorney to help them with finding medical treatment and repairing their vehicle. 

They called my office, I signed them up, and I started helping them with their vehicle repairs right away.  We had their vehicle in a body shop right away.  I forced the insurance company to pay my client $120 for the time they were unable to use their car while it was in the shop.

I referred them to quality chiropractors that were conveniently located for evaluation and treatment.  They received treatment for a few weeks and responded well to treatment.  After a few weeks of treatment their neck and back pain and stiffness had gone away. 

I negotiated a settlement for their bodily injury claim soon after they were done with treatment.  They did not have to deal with calling the insurance company repeatedly, and they could just focus on treatment and going about their lives.  Ultimately, the clients were happy that they were able to turn the claim over to someone else that achieved results quickly.

$15k policy limit settlement in initially denied liability motorcycle case

My client was riding her motorcycle eastbound on Sepulveda in the South Bay.  She was in the no. 2 lane closest to the curb.  A car on her left changed lanes into her.  The collision launched her from her motorcycle.  She lost consciousness when she hit the ground and regained consciousness as she was rolling down the street.  She ended up coming to a sliding stop in the middle of a cross walk down the street. 

Luckily, my client was wearing a helmet and full protective gear at the time of the collision.  She was also riding her motorcycle at a safe speed.  These factors helped her survive the crash with a concussion, road rash, and a hairline in fracture in one of her fingers. 

The at-fault driver that ran into my client told his insurance company that he had been in the no. 2 lane the entire time.  He told his insurance company that my client tried to “shoot the gap” between his car and the curb.  He alleged that he did not even know that he had made contact with another vehicle until he saw my client rolling down the street. 

The at-fault driver’s story benefitted the insurance company, because if his story were true, the insurance company would not have to pay for my client’s damages.  So, without further investigation, the insurance company denied liability for the collision.  This is despite the fact that we told the insurance company that there were several stores and witnesses on the block where the collision occurred.

After signing up the client, my office conducted an investigation into the collision.  After three visits to the site of the collision, my office found a witness.  The manager at a McDonald’s saw the entire collision from the drive-thru window.  The witness corroborated my client’s version of the collision.  My investigator secured a sworn statement from the witness.

After having initially denied liability for the collision, the insurance company paid out the policy limits upon receiving the witness statement.  My client would have been left owing medical bills if the at-fault driver and the insurance company would have gotten their way.  But, we performed the hard investigation work and we fought the insurance company to obtain justice for our client.